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Domaine De Cazenac, France

The Fig House, UK

Ktima, Rhodes

Hawkstone Hall, UK

Middleton Lodge, UK

Saltmarshe Hall, UK

Chateau le Mas de Montet, France

Chateau de la Valouze, France


Hey, my name is Alfie! At the time of writing I’m 32 years old and live at home with my partner Emily and 3 little boys, Beau, Arthur and Ezra. We also have a German Shepherd called Belle and an Alaskan Malamute called Beast. Yes the house is as mad as you would imagine. I actually class going to weddings as my break haha

My journey into wedding videography began all the way back into the 90s and as a young kid I was absolutely obsessed with films. My vhs collection was insane and then later in life so was my dvd and bluray library. As a kid I loved action films and anything with Arnie. When I was 8 I tried to buy predator (an 18 certificate) at Asda with my pocket money! I grew up in the countryside where creative jobs never really existed and although film was my biggest obsession, it never really crossed my mind that it may one day become my career. 

As a teenager me and friends would film all sorts of things and I would edit together funny little videos for us all to watch. I have films from our first holidays and some of the biggest partys. Some of which are still on youtube if you know where to look! I never studied anything to do with cameras but carried on creating little videos with friends and family into my early 20s. 

My first job with a camera was taking photos in a small local nightclub. This soon developed into shooting in bigger nightclubs and events around Yorkshire and eventually led to shooting jobs in Ibiza and Majorca working with some of the biggest names in the dance music industry.

The transition into weddings came after I had made a short film of my first little boy Beau. I made a facebook video of his first year that got quite a lot of attention and I had a lot of people get in touch about creating a similar video for their weddings. I shot my first 2 weddings in 2016 and then went on to shoot 7 in 2017. I had steady growth over the next few years and slowly left the nightclubs and festivals to concentrate fully on the weddings.

Then lockdown happened booooooo

Since the lockdown lifted in 2021 things have just gone crazy. I’ve shot some incredible weddings literally all over the world. I’ve been as far as Australia and Jamaica, I’ve been all over Europe, I’ve done weddings at French chateaus, I’ve shot at Spanish villas and I’ve done some of the most insane venues in the UK too. I feel so incredibly honoured and privelidged to have these incredible opportunities and to be trusted with such an important role documenting these magical days.

I absolutely love wedding days. I love it from the moment I walk into a busy bridal prep until the moment I have to leave a busy dancefloor on the night. My approach to wedding days is very much creative documentary. I love to capture real moments and I’m always scanning and anticipating these little things and having my camera ready. I also believe very much in helping where I can to talk to everyone and give bits of advice and help through a day so that everyone feels confident. I’m your biggest hype man and love making people feel amazing. I’m also very chatty and love telling stories and making people laugh. I always hope that even without a camera in my hand, I would still be a good addition to any wedding day. 

Thankyou so much for getting in touch and considering having me at your wedding day. I really hope that I’m able to be involved and make your wedding day something quite special.

Many thanks, Alfie

Beliefs and Philosophy

Story-Driven Films

Our wedding films capture more than just events of your day - they capture the whole feeling around it. By getting to know you and your families, we create a one-of-a-kind film completely tailored to you.

Bespoke Offerings

Whether you elope on the top of a mountain or throw a massive party at your local brewery, we're there for it. We create custom experiences for each couple based on their unique requirements.

Cinematic Quality

Every time you watch your wedding film we want to transport you back to that special day. We view film making as an art and that's exactly what we deliver to our couples. We use the latest in camera and lens technology to be able to put these visions on to the screen.


The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die but the wedding visuals will last a lifetime...


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