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Featured Wedding Films

Domaine De Cazenac, France

The Fig House, UK

Ktima, Rhodes

Perth, Australia

Middleton Lodge, UK

Saltmarshe Hall, UK

Chateau le Mas de Montet, France

Borgo Di Pietrafitta, Italy

About Us

What happens when you bring a load of the country's best and most creative festival and events photographers and videographers together to work on weddings for a change?

Back in 2015 we did exactly that. We brought our energetic, cinematic and most importantly, fun style of creating visuals to the wedding game. Our aim is to shake up the industry with a striking new look and style for the new generation.


No more cheesy posing but replace it with story telling of the real moments that make up the day all while capturing it in that unique Clique Visuals film like style. No more shouting and directing and telling people to smile. We capture all the emotions, all the tears, children running up and cuddling grandparents, relatives sharing jokes, friends busting out shapes in the middle of a packed d-floor and just as importantly, some mega shots for the gram.

Our aim on the day is to be unobtrusive while paying attention to each detail. We use the formula of documentary style shooting with a cinematic approach so that we can be the observer and let everything unfold naturally. 

That's not to say we don't get involved in having a laugh with you and all your  guests. Getting to know people and having some friendly banter does help to bring the best out in people and helps them feel most comfortable. 

We are now a collective of photographers, videographers and editors that work on weddings all over the world. We specialize in creating the most cinematic wedding films and most jaw-dropping wedding photos.


Wedding story tellers for the new generation.

Beliefs and Philosophy

Story-Driven Films

Our wedding films capture more than just events of your day - they capture the whole feeling around it. By getting to know you and your families, we create a one-of-a-kind film completely tailored to you.

Bespoke Offerings

Whether you elope on the top of a mountain or throw a massive party at your local brewery, we're there for it. We create custom experiences for each couple based on their unique requirements.

Cinematic Quality

Every time you watch your wedding film we want to transport you back to that special day. We view film making as an art and that's exactly what we deliver to our couples. We use the latest in camera and lens technology to be able to put these visions on to the screen.


The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die but the wedding visuals will last a lifetime...


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