Save The Date Films

Wanting a super fun and exciting way to announce the news with all your family and friends? A "Save the date" film is a memorable way of doing just that. You get a chance to work with the team before your wedding day but without any of the time or location constraints that come with it. Each "Save the date" video is totally personal and designed to reflect your relationship in a stunningly cinematic short film. 

4k 018.jpg

Highlights Films

Our highlights films are a shorter and faster paced version of your full movie. These are great for showing off on social media and using them like a film trailer (which is our main inspiration for these edits). These are designed around the mood and vibes on the day. They can be  emotional and full of candid shots or fast and full of the evening dance moves. There's no set template!

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The "movie" is edited in a much more traditional and chronological fashion. These will be at least 15 minutes and will cover everything from the morning preparation up till the evening dancing. The best parts of the service and speeches will be selected to be included in the "Movie" and the full recordings will be included as separate videos.

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See more work on our official YouTube channel.